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Verbina's Garden
Strongwood Grove
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Strongwood Grove is the home of the Strongwood Family, a family of witches.  They have lived int heis grove for centuries so there are a large number of relations living in the vast forest.

As soon as I can I will be writing up little bios about these lovelies!  But until then you will just have to be happy with looking at them.
All dolls here were made on bases from Swiss Cheese Army.



Autumn is one of the youngest of the Strongwood Family.  She is always in awe of the things around her, much to the amusement of her sisters.  She specializes in charms, especially charms for the protection of land and property.



Fern is a shy quite girl, preferring to spend time with plants than people.  She is very talented in the area of growing things, especially plants of the healing nature.



Sable is one of the oldest of the sisters and is nicknamed by her sisters as the "Queen of the Darkness."  She is adept at the darker magics.  Not that she is evil.  Not at all.  But she understands the darker magics and is able to wield them, with the full understanding that without the dark the light would have no reason to exist.



Inigo is the bookwormof the bunch.  He wishes that people, including his sisters, were books.  Then he would understand them better.  As you can see, he is trying to get the wise wizard look.  But...he can't grow a beard quite yet so he doesn't look as wise as he thinks.  He does look pretty cute though!  ^_^



Oak is a simple man.  He watches over the woods of Strongwood Grove.  He cares for the trees and the creatures of the wood.  Very much the naturalist.



Violet is one sassy little witch.  She finds people of the non magical persuasion to be annoying.  She's not mean to them or anything. She's just...not friendly to them.  Part of this is due to the fact that her talent with spells has become very well known and she is constantly being sought after by people. 



Rose is a sweet lovely creature, just as her name suggests.   A bit shy, her abilities are best in the areas of dream reading.  Through her, many dreams that don't make sense normally, make perfect sense.



Azure is the pale witch.  In other words, she has the ability to reach the other world, the world of the dead.  A very somber person, she has still retained her innocence through strict discipline.  A weaker person would have become soured by the things she is able to see and hear.



Krad is the twin of Sable and is pretty much the same as she is.  He favors the dark side of things though that doesn' t mean he is evil or anything.  He has a fascination with caverns, something that no one in the family really understands at all!


Base- Tidbits of Sweetness

Ethel is a cousin to the Strongwood Witches and she can often be found running around the woods trying to fly with her broomstick.  She hasn't quite mastered it but she is getting there!

If you like any of these dolls, just save to your computer and put them on your site.  In other words adopt them.  Just link back to me.  There are buttons for you to use for linking on the link to me page.