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Verbina's Garden
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Welcome to my garden where you never know what you will find next.


I have now been hooked on dolling for a year now and I can only say that the more I learn, the more there is to learn!!!!   And what I do now is a far cry from the drag n drops that started it all with me!!!   Enjoy your visit to my site and come back any time! Don't forget to tag me.  The board is near the bottom right side of the site.

NOTE!  - If you adopt a doll from me, kindly leave me a tag on the board below.  Then when I get a chance, I will gladly go and adopt one of yours!  Only fair I would say!!!  ^_^

October 4th 2004 - Okay you can smack me now. I have been very bad about updating. I amd trying to work out the bugs in another website I am working on for a group and it is such a headache! So I am not even getting much time ot doll!!! Anyway, I am doing my best to keep this place updated. I think I may need to do one big update day and just do it all at once then keep at it. May be the only way to retain my sanity. I do intend to make a Halloween Layout again. Have to don't I???? The new site is slowly getting there and I will be looking for some people to check out links and such. Not sure who though. Will have to see. Have a great day!

August 29th 2004 - Again sorry for the delay. Things have been busy as usual. A bad storm caused some damage that took some time to clean up. Then getting things ready for school starting and all that good stuff. I have been updating but just not saying anything in here. But look around. I have updated the HP page and put up a few new dolls. In less than a week, I will be able to get on here alot more so...look for more updates in the near future.


New Gifts

I got this wonderful trendy woodelf from Windowpane at the Realm for giving her some advice on some flowers she was trying to make.  Never thought that just being nice would get me such a cool elf!!!  ^_^

Gift from Windowpane at the Realm.

Site of the Moment

Doll base by Autumn Pixels of course.

Okay I know these are normally Site of the Months but...I'm not sure when I will change this.  Anyway, on to the Site of the Moment!
Autumn Pixels is a wonderful place!!  Lovely to look at.  The dolls are simply amazing!  A pixel shading master!!!!  Her bases are wonderful and if you look closely you will see many of them used here.


Base by Autumn Pixels
Fairy Godmother

Not for adoption
Calil, a character in a short story I wrote.

Latest Awards


 I recieved this doll for my PoA Version of Harry Potter at Venusa Dolls.  Loved doing this doll as it was a challenge for me.  I won a few others for this contest and they can be found on my awards page.

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